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Cheapest Safe Land For Sale In Secured Estate In Lagos, Nigeria | Buy & Build Land – Anne Nwakama Realtor [HTH Annepearl Ltd]


Have you been looking for a buy and build land? Let me share with you 2 DEVELOPING Estates I bought into in Lagos lately?

1. ₦16m – Ajah | Title is Gazette 

2. ₦14m – Abijo | Title is Governor’s Consent 

Why did I pick this two estates?

1. Estate 1 is getting to me as one of my favorite and this is set to increase in price from 24th Oct. 2021 to ₦20m. The truth is investing in this kind of property in a location where you have great proximity to the Express, close to Skymall, Shoprite, Beach and many other axis in Lagos is a great deal. Once it increases it means the property have appreciated with ₦4m at a spot. 😲 This is a buy and build land and far better in this developed axis of Ajah to own than buy the ₦50m land in developed estate already. The fencing project has commence and only few plots left here. Another thing is there is an offplan project about to commence here. Ask for video and secure your space on time. 

2. Estate 2 is another fast developing estate in Abijo. I have always talked about Abijo and Sangotedo becoming the NEXT big thing in Lagos. Properties in this location in developed estate already worth ₦35m and this here is ₦14m. 

What do you think would happened to this land in 3 – 5 years time? Location would have gotten developed and price of land would have shoot really high.  

3 things you can have here:

1. Buy and start up your building in Lagos without omo onile disturb you. 

2. Buy now to resell at a later date and make good money off this. 

3. Buy now to build your mini estate.

For your enquiries to secure 1 plot or 6 plots which is 1 acre please reach out to HTH Annepearl Ltd: +2348122345752

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