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Government Allocated C Of O Land In Lagos | Land Titles in Nigeria – Anne Nwakama Realtor Shares


Alot of individuals are hearing this Government Allocated Land for the first time and alot of our clients and prospective clients have had opportunities to ask which we’ve being explaining to them.

What is Government Allocation C of O?

Government Allocation C of O is another title issued by the government to individuals, group of persons who purchases land from the government directly and then sell in plots. Government Allocation C of O is a valid title in Nigeria.

Is there any risk in buying such government Allocated C of O land?

No risk at all because it is directly from the government and there are documents binding this purchases.

Every Government Allocated C of O Document you would see :

Number of plots

Survey Number

Coordinate Number

Governor’s Signature

Commissioner’s Signature

Register of Title Signature

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