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Where To Find Cheapest Bungalows In Lekki Axis Of Lagos


Many clients always desire bungalows within Lagos and they keep finding the cheapest bungalows on line which is why we on HTH Annepearl Ltd decides to search for the cheapest bungalows in Lagos.

Come to think of it alot of people enjoys bungalows because once they are old or retire they tend to like a home with less stress of staircase.

Bungalows in Lagos is one of the fastest selling properties in Lekki Axis especially on off plan developments.

Here are the listings of cheapest neatly delivered bungalows we have in Lagos :

1. ₦13.5m – 2 Bedroom Bungalow At Epe, Lagos

2. ₦15m – 2 Bedroom Bunaglow At Epe, Lagos.

3. ₦25m – 3 Bedroom Bungalow Before Eleko

Please reach out to HTH Annepearl Ltd on any of our properties you may wish to update on our properties but key in on time to secure any of the bungalows.

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